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The intent of this project is to clearly highlight the essential role of sketching and of the sketching moment.


This “moment” pertains to all arts, but it is fairly easy to demonstrate its value when working in the natural work of fine arts.

To meet our purpose, we use the technique called “differentiated pressure of the hand”.  Moreover, the “SKETCH&FRAME” collection is planned as a way to spread and produce a repeated identical process, which allows for an accurate analysis of the technique.



If we seem to be pioneers in this approach, it is mainly because the fields of artistic activity which have recently become more accessible to all, have also been perverted in the process.  What we try to do is use a natural approach and return to a process that true artist workshops have always used in their artistic creations.


We are freely associated with the Swissartspace team and organize an annual festival:  the “esquival” (literally “sketchival”) for which we enlist all sorts of talents to expand on the practice of repeated sketching as a way to look for orientation.


For immediate use, consult the sub-menu “participate”.


Since the topic is quite vast, you will find a first set of explanations on the website  The approach is in constant evolution and we will reformulate the theme at each “esquival”; we will specify the framework chosen for each event early in advance so that interested participants and artists may get prepared for it.  Make sure to sign up well in advance to receive all the necessary information.


We have decided that there would be choices operated by the association committee of swissartspace and that I would be the curator for this event.

Antoine Piron

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