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How, as an artist, can you take part in this new project?  3 points:

A few rules to guide you in this process:



Imagine that you will draw characters sitting either around a table, or in a garden, or in a public place.

You can also plan on drawing a still life, such as objects on or around a table.  You can envision a series of objects set in a given space.


But the most important element, while keeping your intent, is to act in a sort of rushed state and scribble very fast; this will  avoid that a large part of the brain illustrate shapes realistically, which would inevitably lessen your personal style.  The latter must remain very visible. 


This means that the lines traced are never in the right place, but brush past and loosely suggest shapes and empty spaces, even if they look drawn very awkwardly.


How, as an artist, can you take part in this new project?  3 points:







1.  Send 4, 8 or 16 sketches.  You fold the A4 sheet in 2 (=A5), then again (=A6).  You end up with 4 pages in which you can draw VERTICALLY, with a black pen or using a calligraphy pen.



The sketch-frame is planned as a black and white project, so without colors.  The drawing stands vertically, in an A6 format.


Even if you do not know where to find the limits between a rough design, a draft, a skeleton and a sketch, please know that the “sketching moment” is very brief, but that you can superimpose these moments several times.  Therefore the final drawing can be fairly busy.

The ideal situation is to end up with a sketch that is spontaneous, hence light, meaning with simple lines and shapes, even if the lines are dark.









2.  On another A4 sheet, sign your name or write your artist signature prominently, and add your personal information; if you have an email address, it will be made available on the website.


The signature will be placed by us on the chosen sketch so that it may be printed on a card (front and back, A6 format); the author of the sketch will thus be made very clear.



Cost:  €40+ one envelope addressed to “Swiss art space, 32 Valentin, Lausanne 1004, Switzerland”.


3.  You must then send us an A5 envelope with 4, 8 or 16 sketches and include the sheet with your address and signature.  If you include a €40 bill, we will send you 10 cards.


In return, you will appear on the site, first in order of submission for the first two years, and then in alphabetical order beyond that time frame.


You can also order your cards or other artists’ cards according to the price list in the menu “prices”, following the usual procedure of checkout.

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