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The sketch is the heart of creation, that means it leads you on anone ways



The sketch is not the skeleton, the drawing, the painting or any shape created by man. The artist uses these codes, but during the journey, s/he is engrossed by the sketch, which itself needs direction; and it diverts the artist frome his/her first intention.




The best, the lifeline of all artistic creation is the moment of sketching, the immediate moment of creation, as Diderot has mentioned in his Encyclopedia.


It is the ultimate moment where intentionally or inadvertently, the person sketching moves towards the unknown.


While to create a painting or any work of art, technical skills are necessary, sketching can happen with limited tools and preparation.


A pencil, a pen and an ordinary sheet of paper are the only things you need…






How to proceed :



Sit at a table and have the following items available:  a stack of A4 sheets of paper (photocopy style) and a black pen.  The project is in black and white, so without colors.


Fold the sheet in two, and set it open or closed so that you have two “vertically situated” pages, each measuring half of the A4 format, i.e. A5, vertically (height 21 cm or 8.26 in./ length 14.8 cm or 5.8 in).  The dimensions can be approximate.


Plan on drawing an object that is visible from one’s seat, start drawing for a few seconds, and continue a few seconds at a time, in several sequences.  These sequences can be unique or overlap many times.  The important thing is to work fast and purposefully, not worrying about errors.


The final result will allow recognizing the object drawn, but the object may not be obvious.  The intended purpose will be suggested more than clearly described, since it will consist of lines that are approximately laid out.


The “extra lines” will probably be more obvious than the intended object.


In some spots, the lines that were quickly overlapped may create shadows or “value”, as people in the field would say.


You can draw your sketch on a very small part of the sheet or use the entire space.


You can draw as many as you wish on the same topic and send us 10 samples; out of the 10, we will choose one that will be displayed on the site.


Please write a number at the bottom of the page, as well as your printed name, and next to it, sign your name with your artist signature or your standard signature.




Combining the frame and the sketch is creating a new way to proceed in art.


You don’t match the frame to the art piece.  

You don’t match the art piece to the frame.


They make love together and create new shapes together.


The frame here is the print and the space for the print in people’s living quarters.

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